Our location next to the Shabbos-friendly Hyatt Hotel and near The Heldrich in renovated New Brunswick, and a short 5 minutes from Highland Park, makes us a perfect place for a week-end get-away. We frequently welcome guests from all over the metropolitan region at our services. So, come by yourself, bring some friends, arrange a Shabbaton. Our santuary can seat up to 500 guests.  We are welcoming and accommodating.

For more information on these hotels and places of entertainment in
the area, visit the Hyatt of New Brunswick and The Heldrich websites.



Centrally located at 145 Neilson St., New Brunswick, NJ, we are just a few short blocks from New Jersey Transit, major highways, and The Heldrich" and "Hyatt Hotels, our magnificent sanctuary and party room are available for your simcha at a remarkably affordable price.


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